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                             Based on the Biblical Writings of Dr. Jack Gresham

The Biblical Writings of Dr. Jack Gresham

Dr. Jack's Lantern began as an idea sparked from a regular Bible Study group meeting, by Christian pastors, business people, and friends in the Orlando Florida area. One of its most revered members, Dr. Jack Gresham, Air Force Pilot, Doctor, and Father had spent tens of years interpreting the Bible, so others could relate to it and potentially use is as a teaching guide for themselves. He created an amazing data base of Biblical writings, what they mean and how to use his works to better our lives. As a pilot, breaking the sound barrier at an early age was a major accomplishment. But, his Bible writings are his crown achievement and will last forever in the hearts and minds of those he continues to touch.  

The Bible has been an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance for many people throughout history, and bible study is an important part of the Christian faith. Studying the Bible with others provides numerous benefits that can help strengthen our understanding of the Scriptures and deepen our relationship with God. 

Dr. Jack's Biblical writings provide a space to discuss, learn and reflect on God’s word. In our group, members come together to read and discuss Scripture in a structured and meaningful way. The goal of our group is to understand the meaning of Scripture, apply it to our lives and gain spiritual growth.

Our members attend each session prepared with any relevant Bible readings or topics they wish to discuss. The bible group moderators encourage respectful and open-minded dialogue when discussing personal perspectives. We encourage group members to show patience when others don’t agree or understand the topic being discussed. There is also the confidentiality of members and everything that they discuss in the group is kept within the group setting.

In addition to the discussions that take place, group members are sometimes provided time for prayer throughout each meeting. The group may also choose to undertake projects that help extend its impact into the community, such as participating in outreach activities or creating care packages for those in need.

With this background, Dr. Jack Gresham was the lead moderator of our group. His work in thinking through and interpreting the Bible and what it means for us, was unique and unparalleled. As a result of the years of his involvement in that leadership,using his writings and findings to teach all of us, given that technology has provided us new avenues, we want to share his wisdom with all. 

Dr. Jack's Lantern is the result of that sharing with you as participants.

Weekly you will hear from Dr. Jack and his messengers, Leon Mausser and Donna Smith. Leon and Donna will will reflect on the Dr. Jack writings and bring them to our main target, the youth of America. We believe they need Dr. Jack's messages more than ever. 

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